Jnats, or Tennen Toishi, are extremely versatile, especially when used with Mikawa Nagura and a Tomo Nagura. Capable of taking a razor from pre-bevel set to a brilliant finish, these stones are not only beautiful but extremely capable. Click on the Karasu Awase to enter the gallery. 

Tomo Nagura – smaller pieces of the Honzan that are used to raise an abrasive slurry to work the edge with. As the slurry breaks down and becomes finer, the edge refines to a sharper and smoother state. Just click on the pic for a trip to Tomoville. 

Mikawa Shiro Nagura – these are quarried in a different location than the harder Tennen Toishi. Each is taken from a different stratum and named accordingly. These are used progressively, starting with a coarse stone and ending with the finest. Click on the Koma to check out some Mikawa Pure White Nagura. 

Razor Hones – this gallery features a variety of interesting natural whetstones from across the globe. In here you’ll see Escher Celebrated Water Stones, Thuringian hones with different branding, Belgian Coticules, Welsh and British hones, Arkansas stones and more.

Strops – Straight Razor strops of all kinds; This is where you’ll find my semi-famous 100% Flax Linen Fire Hose strops, as well as a fair number of traditional hanging leather strops. All hand made by me here in the USA.

Vintage Straight Razors - this section will feature a small number of razors that I’ve restored or customized. The older straights, especially those from Sheffield England, interest me the most. There are many custom makers that are turning out really fine work, and some of the new offerings from Dovo and Ti are interesting also.  

Synthetic Hone Stones – Synthetic stones work well for honing razors. Usually,  I rely on them for early`stage work like bevel setting. The coarse stones really shine when big chips have to be removed or the blade needs to have its geometry fully redone. Barber Hones are mistaken for finishers, but they were originally used as a touch up option – to keep a working edge going. Some of these pocket-sized slabs  work very well once you get the hang of using them.

Honing straight razors is very nearly a required part of straight razor ownership. Although many people do not ‘hone their own’ – most straight users get into honing eventually. Honing razors is a very rewarding craft; shaving with an edge you created is a very special feeling.

Objet D'Art – A cornucopia of collectibles, oddities, ephemera and gadgets that I’ve found, collected, or manufactured here. If I think it pertains to wet shaving, but it doesn’t have a home on another page – it’ll wind up here. Stay tuned.     

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