Mirrored Bevel?

Over the years, I’ve read numerous posts where poobahs have said that a mirrored bevel can only be done on synthetic stones or pastes. They have argued that Jnats can’t manage such a high polish, because of how the slurry works. 

Truth is - a mirrored bevel is most definitely possible when honing on Jnats. The pix below are of my Greaves near-wedge that I recently honed without tape for a bevel-set / restoration video. The top pix is a cropped section of the one below it. That is the bevel of my Greaves after two complete Nagura Progressions. The white curly object is a CFL bulb that is about 18” above the blade. The image clearly shows a mirror reflection of the CFL - the image was only cropped and the levels adjusted for exposure. No other editing was done. 

ZZZZZ Post Pengy Mirrror 3.jpg

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