Okudo Gousa

 Gousa is a seam that is either in-between Aisa and Tomae, or actually in Tomae or Aisa but close to the separating line.  

We have here a wonderful razor-quality stone that can also double as a high-end finisher for cutlery. Please note that it is rare to find a Toishi from Okudo that is so very hard; and this stone is quite hard indeed.  It is dense, tightly packed full of extremely friable and uber-fine silica. Honing on this is a dream. It’s a true heirloom stone. 

8.1 x 3.0 x 1.1 /  1207 g

OkGou 2019 `a
OkGou 2019 `b.jpg
OkGou 2019 `e.jpg

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