Mushi Nagura

 Mushi Nagura is fairly uncommon in today’s world but I have been fortunate to have received a few examples that are exceptionally clean and very usable. 

Long ago, Mushi was popular with farmers and fieldworkers for sharpening coarse cutters, scythes, and similar types of tools. It is not a ‘finishing’ Nagura, but it can be used for early work on some cutlery. Usually, with Mushi, you will encounter a mixed bag of tricks; inconsistency within the stone, hard spots, sometimes toxic spots too. The abrasive particulate is irregular, and it can cut haphazardly. It is interesting to have, and to experiment with. Along with Ban and Atsu, it presents a nice change of pace and different challenges to overcome. 

People asking me what Mushi, or any Nagura really, is like will hear me repeat the following, judge each piece on it’s own merits. If you want to know about a stone in someone else’s hands, ask the person holding that stone. I can only vouch for the stones I use here in my home. 

Mushi 2022 1b

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