Karasu Traveler  

karasu Traveler Wet 1

Anyone looking for a hone that travels well, and/or stores easy, will find this sweetheart Asagi Karasu to fit the bill.

This is a thinner stone, with good thickness and a near-perfect length. The hardness is above average and the honing feedback is sublime. What’s nice about these thinner stones is their ability to hit the entire edge of any razor, even those with a slight warp in the grind. This eliminates the need for hone-gymnastics and, overall, it can make things a lot easier to deal with.

The color is green, or Asagi, and the pattern is Karasu – or ‘crow’. The black flecks are mica that precipitated out of the silt/clay/mud during the stone’s period of diagenesis millions of years ago.

One corner is a little low, and I left it alone. It could be lapped out so the top is perfectly flat but that would be a waste of good stone. Eventually, with wear and each subsequent lapping – the stone will, eventually, flatten out completely. There’s enough stone here to last 3-4 lifetimes for anyone honing razors casually.

The stone is lapped flat, and sealed on the sides and bottom. The edges were chamfered and it’s ready to go to work.

Approximate Dimensions: 5.9 x 1.9 x 1.1”

Weight: 18 oz

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