Nakayama Karasu Koppa

 A Killer Karasu Koppa from Nakayama.

Check out the sides – that’s the Karasu layering going all the way through. As this one is lapped over and over the pattern is going to change dramatically; combined with the alternating blue/green and yellow layering – wow, just wow. This is one amazingly beautiful stone.

It just so happens that it’s very hard, the slurry is nice and creamy and the shape is juuuuuust right for hand-held honing. Of course, it sits on a bench-top just fine also.

Sealed, lapped and chamfered – ready to go…. 

4.4 x 3.0 x 0.9”

478 g

Lil Karasu 1
Lil Karasu 3.jpg
Lil Karasu 4.jpg
Lil Karasu 2.jpg

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