Okudo Asagi Karasu Namazu

Okudo Karasu 2

This one’s a looker, a stunner actually - and quite a performer. The size is great for hand-held honing at the sink, but it’s big enough to be sensible for bench-top work also. Size-wize, it’s sort of a Goldilocks stone, just right. Looks-wise, it’s a trophy piece; the Karasu pattern here is gorgeous, unusual and unique. 

The hardness is good, but it is a little softer than what I usually work with. I’d gauge it to be a little harder than ‘just hard enough’. Water only laps are a breeze and Mikawa Nagura progressions are possible with some adjustments needed. You will kick up base stone with harder Nagura. 

The slurry is creamy with just a hint of granularity. The speed is good and the feedback is loud and clear. The top is lapped, and the edges are chamfered. The sides and bottom have been sealed with Cashew Lacquer. 

5.6 x 3.25 x 0.7”

513 g

Okudo Karasu 1.jpg
Okudo Karasu 3.jpg

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