Kiita Kan

Wood Grain Kan Total Top 1.jpg

When I first saw the Kan pattern on this stone I was floored; usually, Kan isn’t so very exciting to me. Occasionally though, it’s quite striking and this particular example is very possible the prettiest one I’ve seen.

This is a thin stone that’s also quite hard, I’d say it’s a good bit harder than ‘average’ and I’d put it in the ‘very hard’ class. Lapping it was a chore, and just taking off a smidge of stone to level it took a long while with my Atoma 400x diamond plate.

The feedback here is a drier type, with a bit of resistance to it – which is very typical of Nakayama stones from the deep stratum Namito layer. There were no stamps on this one though; only a claim of it being Nakayama from the previous owner. For what it’s worth, I am comfortable with saying it’s ‘probably’ a Nakayama Namito.

As for color – I’m not sure. At times it appears to be Kiita Kan, other times it seems Asagi Kan. No doubt, this confusion is, at least, partially due to the pronounced Kan, or wood-grain pattern, you see on the working surface. For now, I’ll say Kiita but don’t bank on that being 100% correct - it’s just a guess. 

Aside from it being thin, the real estate is quite generous – it’s just about what I call

‘full size’ and that makes for a very pleasant honing  experience.

The bottom is pretty flat and the stone is stable on my bench top. The sides and bottom are sealed with 5-6 very thin coats of Cashew Lacquer, and the top is lapped flat with chamfered edges and rounded corners. 

While this stone is on the thinner side of things, it’s also quite hard and there is no doubt that it’ll last a couple of lifetimes for anyone honing straight razors.   

Approx. Dimensions: 7.0 x 2.6 x 0.5” / 178 x 66 x 13 mm

Weight: 15 oz / 424 g

Wood Grain Kan Wet.jpg
Wood Grain Kan Bottom 1.jpg

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