Nakayama Kiita Kan Koppa

Kiita Kan Koppa Top 1

 Nakayama Kiita Kan Koppa 

This baby is a Kamisori or razor Koppa to die for. The hardness is right at the line between hard and very hard – making this one a first-class option for full honing progressions or simple touchups or even as a dedicated travel hone that can do it all. 

When honing, the feedback here is awesome – audibly quiet like most Kiita but with more then enough ‘feeling’ to let you know you’re ‘done’ without needing to second-guess anything. The hardness is perfect for any type of honing, including Mikawa Nagura progressions, Tomo slurry finishes, and water-only laps for final finish. 

While it might seem a little small, it’s actually a nice sized Koppa for hand-held work.

The parallelogram shape might seem difficult, but once the stone is in your hands it’s a breeze to hone on and simple to navigate. The thickness is good and the weight affords a good amount of heft to keep it stable easily.

All 4 sides were sealed with several coats of lacquer; the top was lapped flat and the edges were chamfered too. 

Approximate Dimensions: 5.0 x 3.1 x 0.6” / 127 x 79 x 15 mm

Weight:  17 oz / 495 g

Kiita Kan Koppa Top 2.jpg
Kiita Kan Koppa Bottom 2.jpg
Kiita Kan Koppa Bottom 1.jpg

 The photos above shot this stone with 1 layer of lacquer on it. The next images show how it looks after multiple coats of Cashew Lacquer have been applied. 

Kiita Kan Koppa Bottom Cashew.jpg
Kiita Kan Koppa Top 1 Cashew.jpg
Kiita Kan Koppa Top 2 Cashew.jpg

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