Nakayama Kiita Nashiji

New Kiita 2

 Kiita Kiita Kiita… .

I love Kiita and this one is a superb example of the finest Kiitas out there.

The top had a few some distractions (chips) that I’ve lapped out of the way, so one short side slopes off a bit from about 0.5” in from the edge. As this stone is lapped, that real estate will return. For now, the working surface is about 5” long, which is fine by me.

Feedback – yes, this has the typical creamy old-skool Kiita feedback. Not that grainy stuff you get from the ‘faux’ Kiita coming out of Takashima. No sir – this is the real deal from Nakayama – cut long ago and it’s been sitting on a shelf in a warehouse for a loooong time. I suppose that the nasty chip I lapped out took this stone out of its intended prime-time slot, and was subsequently forgotten about.

Or something along those lines perhaps.  

One never really knows how these old stones manage to stay out of view for so long.

Whatever the case, this one is here now and it’s a wickedly sweet piece of Kiita. 

5.5 x 3.25 x 0.9”

574 g

New Kiita 3.jpg
New Kiita 1.jpg

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