Ozuku Kiita 

Ozuku Spotted 1

 Ozuku Kiita with Spotted Pattern

This is a rarity – an Ozuku Kiita with a very prominent spotted pattern. It’s also quite hard and it is very capable. The first thing I noticed about this stone, after the coloring and spots – was the fragrance from the slurry; it gives off an essence that I can only describe as reminding me of wet clay.   

This is a Kamisori size stone, but it is thick, dense, and fairly heavy. The Kawa, or skin, is very dark and there is some kind of cross-hatch pattern cut into some of it. This, I believe, speaks to this stone having been cut long ago, but I am not certain about that. It’s sealed on the bottom and sides and the top is lapped and the edges are chamfered. 

The feedback from this stone is stellar. Its silky smooth for the most part, but there is a clear sensation of slurry under the blade. The feedback is unique for me – I have not had another stone that felt exactly like this one. The hardness is good, but it is not a super hard stone. Using Mikawa Nagura with it is simple and effective, and with Tomo Nagura slurry it really shines. The polish is good with a hint of haze; the edges have all been wonderfully sharp and smooth. 

Approx. Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.25 x 1.4” / 140 x 83 x 36 mm

Weight: 39 oz / 1.1 kg

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