Nakaticule Combo Stone

16 - Karasu Side Lapped 1
15 Coti Side Lapped.jpg

Part Nakayama, Part Coticule - with Matching Cotigura

I made this combo-stone myself, and named it the Nakaticule. It’s part Nakayama Asagi Karasu, and part La Grise Coticule. I was saving the Karasu for some kind of project because it was too thin to use regularly; it needed some kind of support or base to ensure long-term use. The Coti came direct from the Ardennes quarry, cut to my specs. The rest is some glue, lapping and voila! – Nakaticule. 

The two stones were glued together with waterproof epoxy, and the sides were lapped and sanded until they were smooth. After that – I sealed the sides with Cashew Lacquer to further ensure that the seam stays completely watertight. The lacquer gives the combo a unique look, and it also provides an enhanced tractile ‘grippyness’ when wet. 

The Coti side is, as noted, from the La Grise vein at Ardennes. It’s not a typical garden-variety piece of La Grise however; this slab is harder than most, doesn’t auto-slurry, and finishes quite well quite easily. 

The Karasu is also hard, but not super hard. It’s very thin but thick enough to last a few lifetimes. This stone finishes fine with water only laps or with Tomonagura slurry dilutions. It also works exceedingly well with Mikawa Shiro Nagura – so honing from bevel-set to finish can be done on that one side alone. 

The general concept here is – I travel with a 1k, so I can set bevels on that. The Coticule side will be perfect for the post-bevel-set work and if I want to finish on the Coti I can, or if I want to go to the Jnat for that added bump in edge-performance I can do that too.  It’s sort of a one-stone solution that offers the best of both worlds and more versatility than any one person needs when they’re traveling. Eventually, I’ll probably make up a small matched Mikawa Nagura set to go along with the Nakaticule and the matching Cotigura. 

Aprox. Dimensions: 4.75 x 2.0 x 0.9” / 121 x 51 x 23 mm

Weight: 14 oz / 395 g

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