Nakayama Kiita Koppa

Thick Leopard Wet

Nakayama Namito Kiita Sumanagashi   

This is a really sweet stone with good form, nice dimensions, excellent real estate and gorgeous coloring. When dry, the pattern of this stone is fairly muted, almost pastel in a way. But – when wet, the color and contrast really pops.   

Honing on a wildly patterned stone is exciting, but – what matters most is how the stone performs. Here, with this Kiita Koppa, we have both sides of the coin; performance and looks. 

Honing on this Koppa is dreamy; the slurry off the stone is a little pasty and very very smooth under the blade. The feedback is clear and the speed is nice – right in the middle; not fast or slow. Sort of a Goldilocks stone.; it’s juuuuust right.   

All 4 sides and the bottom were sealed with 3 coats of lacquer. The top was lapped and the edges have been chamfered. The bottom isn’t perfectly flat, and there is a very slight bit of wobble on my bench; it’s not enough to be concerned with, but it’s there.    

Approximate Dimensions: 5.3 x 3.25 x 1.2” / 142 x 83 x 31 mm

Weight:  25 oz / 715 g    

The top photo shows the stone wet. The first two pix below show the stone after an initial sealing. The final image shows how it looks after 4 coats of Cashew Lacquer have been applied. 

Thick Leopard Top.jpg
Thick Leopard Bottom.jpg
Thick Leopard Cashew 1.jpg

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