Ozuku  / Shiroto

Ozuku Asagi

 Ozuku Asagi Awasedo 

This stone came with stamps that indicated it was mined in the Narutaki region, and the seller in Japan said it was from Ozuku/Shiroto. I still have the original paper label from Imanishi – as well as the box it came in also. 

This looks Kita, but I do believe it’s Asagi. It’s a good hard stone that’s quite fine and easy to work with. I use this with Mikawa Nagura all the time, and the Tomo seen in the photo – that Tomo is a piece of a broken Nakayama Karasu, it’s one of my favorite Tomos. 

The shape is a near-perfect rectangle and it’s also fairly thick. The sides are sealed in clear lacquer and topped off with black lacquer. The bottom is sealed in clear lacquer to show off the Kawa. This is one of my workhorse stones; I can go start-to-finish on it quite easily. Even though it’s fairly mundane in appearance, it’s so reliable and versatile and easy to use that it’s become a prime go-to option for me.

There’s a clip of a Greaves Straight Razor being honed on this stone here

Approx. Dimensions: 8.0 x 3.0 x 1.0” / 203 x 76 x 25 mm 

Weight: 38.3 oz / 1086 g

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