Ozuku Asagi

Ozuku Asagi 1

Ozuku Asagi 

This Ozuku has a dual personality; it’s very hard, but when honing it has a feel to it that is similar to feedback from softer stones. Water only laps are easy to do – and working with Mikawa Shiro Nagura is equally simple and efficient. 

The sides and bottom have been sealed with 3 very thin coats of cashew lacquer; the top is lapped and the edges have been chamfered. Note the Ozuku stamp is still visible – I did lap this stone but I left that corner alone; I wanted to keep the stamp. Near the opposite corner on that side, there are a few shallow pock-marks that don’t interfere with honing so I left them too. I could dress this stone down to ‘perfect’ – but it’s not necessary to do so. 

I’ve honed many razors on this one; I love this stone, it’s a phenomenal piece that makes you want to keep honing on it all day long. The feedback is velvety and easy to read. As I dilute Tomo Nagura slurry down to clear water the feedback gets intense even though the stone is slick. This is a super consistent stone; the haze on the bevel is deep with a hint of mirror to it. 

This stone’s bottom is reasonably flat but there is some wobble is you push on opposite corners; the stones weight counteracted that on my bench though; I hone on a rubber block and there was no wobble to deal with. 

There was some invasive Kawa at two corners, and I’ve lapped those areas clear; at one corner you can see where I took off a bit of stone, but over time the top will lower and broaden. Eventually – that angled section will be gone.  This is a thick, hard and dense stone; it’ll take a non-pro several lifetimes to get there I think.  While the top is no longer rectangular like the rest of the stone – The shape of the honing surface is incredibly easy to work with. 

Any Japanese Natural Whetstone with the hardness/fineness/feel that this Asagi has is a gem amongst gems.   

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Approx. Dimensions: 7.75 x 2.9 x 1.1” / 197 x 74 x 28 mm

Weight: 37 oz / 1037 g

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