Ozuku Shiagi-to    

Travel Ozuku 1

Kamisori Size Ozuku 

This slice of Ozuku is a razor or Kamisori size stone that’s relatively thin. It stores in a repurposed wooden slide-lid box along with a rubber honing block. This is a travel set-up that also sees bench-time at home also. 

The pattern is  fairly dramatic, engaging and uncommon; sort of a waves and cloud combination. Mostly – the coloring is blue/green/grey but there’s a bit of translucent yellowish stone in the corner too. The slurry appears to be more brown than yellow, and it feels exceedingly fine and silky when rubbed between my fingers. 

Hardness-wise, well – it’s hard but not very very hard. It’s not soft but some Mikawa Nagura kick up slurry from this stone. This doesn’t seem to affect honing, and it’s possible that it helps. This stone feels and sounds dense, yet when honing it comes across as being a bit softer. One corner on the bottom isn’t perfect but over all the stone is fairly rectangular and squared off. 

I’ve found this stone to be a great finisher that is extremely easy to use. Razor edges come up keen and smooth without much effort. The feedback is distinct with all different types of Nagura. I use a small piece of Ozuku Asagi as a well-matched Tomo Nagura. To cover the gamut of what might be needed on a trip - I have a full set of travel Nagura in a wooden slide-lid box that goes along with this stone.

Approx. Dimensions: 5.4 x 3.2 x 0.7"   / 137 x 81 x 18 mm

Weight: 17 oz / 491 g

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