Renge Suita Koppa

Suita 1

Renge Suita Koppa

Many Suita stones are softer than I like for honing razors, but this one is harder and the resulting edges have been very smooth; sort of like a high-performance Coticule edge.

This is not a perfect stone – there is a small crater in the top but it doesn’t affect my honing. The blade goes over it easily without interruption. The rest of the top is uniform and consistent.

The Renge pattern is superb – some of the ‘flowers’ are a bit orange in color, the rest are red. Against the white background of the stone, they really stand out.

This stone has been semi-lapped, it’s good enough for honing but it could stand some more time on 320x w/d. The sides and bottom are sealed.

I love honing on Suita stones, the feedback is exceptional and their cutting strength is superb. Some might want to use this for post bevel-set to pre-finish, but it’s more than capable of delivering a very comfortable sharp/smooth edge on a razor. 

Approx. Dimensions: 7.0 x 3.0 x 0.75” / 178 x 76 x 19 mm

Weight: 27 oz  / 758 g

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