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Shinden Hon Sunashi Suita 

Sunashi Suita are Suita without the eponymous Su. In other words – there are no little holes. By far and large, these are the most highly coveted Suita; they have the highest abrasive particle density, with translates into very strong cutting power.

The lack of Su removes the concern about whether or not there will be any particle cross-contamination. Personally – I’ve never seen that happen but the absence of little gas pockets precludes one from having to even think about it.

The feel…. Oh my, the feedback on this stone is simply sublime and almost beyond my ability to describe. If you’ve ever squeezed extremely fine silt between your fingers or toes, it’s sorta like that. It’s like velvety, squishy, buttery and silky – all at once. The teensiest hint of grain to the ‘mud’ keeps you grounded, otherwise you’d think you were honing on melted butter.

This one is lapped, chamfered and sealed with Cashew Lacquer. It’s ready to go. For someone honing razors – this stone delivers the want the ‘Coti on Steroids’ edge fairly easily.

I’ve been keeping my Chef’s knife going strong on a nearly identical Sunashi Suita for a few months now. Even though this stone is overkill for my needs, I’ve been ecstatic with the results. Those tune-up sessions go quickly, and the resulting edges have been wicked-sharp. 

8.0 x 3.0 x 1.6”

1570 g 

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