Shiro Suita

Shiro Suita Large 1

 Shiro Suita. 

The deepest stratum in the Hon Kuchi Naori is named Shiro Suita. This layer, and the one above it, known as ‘Hon Suita’, are the source of the most highly prized Suita stones. 

Of course this is debatable, someone will own a Nakayama Tenjyou Suita and love it to death. Even so – the fact is that authentic Shiro and Hon Suita Tennen Toishi are the hones that legends are made of. If you ever get to hone on one – you’ll know what I mean. 

Fake Shiro and Hon Suita Toishi abound though,  not all Shiro Suita is white, and not every white Shita is Shiro. Because the purchase of a Shiro or Hon Suita will, inevitably, require a notable investment – care must be taken and the seller must be trusted and highly knowledgeable. 

Honing on this stone is nearly indescribable – I have no reference point that makes sense that could convey the feedback. The results are outstanding and quite unexpected. This is a Suita, which are not known to be capable of the keenest edges on straight razors – yes this one does deliver just that. Perhaps I can get more ‘sharp’ on a super hard Awasedo – maybe. But the edges from this Shiro Suita are contenders in that arena. 

Sure – I’ve had Suita deliver great edges – the brilliantly colored Nakayama Suita on the previous page is one of ‘those’ stones; which is another extreme rarity – one I now believe could very well be Hon Suita. Even so - this block of sublime white/grey-ish Shiro takes the lead in all areas of concern; feedback, overall performance, speed, etc.

It’s been a good long while since I felt that a stone has both surprised and challenged me at the same time. This Shiro has done just that and more. 

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