Uchiguimori 620 g

Uchi Hato 1


Here’s an absolutely lovely slice of Uchiguimori Renge Suita. It’s almost a perfect rectangle; overall - the size and shape are excellent for honing razors or sharpening smaller to midsized knives. 

There is so much renge running through this stone that it almost bleeds purple slurry the second you put a blade on it.  

This stone is a little soft, and as such – it is referred to as Hato Uchiguimori. A sword polisher will use Uchiguimori during the final polishing stages – most notably by shaving off small pieces to use as finger stones. 

Uchiguimori stone is best known for its unique polishing effect. The Togishi, or sword polisher, will exploit this characteristic to increase the contrast in the steel’s grain so it becomes more pronounced. This technique is called Hadori, and it accentuates the outline of the Hamon.  

For honing razors or sharpening cutlery, most of the time - the process is not so complex. Used in a straightforward manner, this Uchiguimori is a fast midrange cutter and polisher. The haze it leaves on the bevel is divine, and it provides an excellent base-haze for the Kasumi polish from the following stones. 

The working surface is lapped flat and the edges have been chamfered. The sides and bottom have been completely sealed with 3 coats of Cashew Lacquer.

Approx. Dimensions: 6.5 x 2.5 x 1.0 / 165 x 64 x 25 mm

Weight: 22 oz / 620 g

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