Tomo Testing


Testing Tomo Nagura is a favorite sidebar attraction of mine. I love to hone, but I also love to try new stones, Nagura, and techniques out.

Here - this is a 1st run side-by-side comparison test; I’ll use a loupe throughout the process to check the striations on the bevel.  

Both Tomo Nagura are Nakayama;  while they both have a similar feel – each has it’s own specific qualities and learning what they are can be a lot of fun and it’s a critical concern when pairing a Tomo to a Honzan.

The Koppa is a somewhat thin slice of Nakayama Kiita Namito that I bought to use as a large Tomo Nagura, but it seems to be quite nice to hone on. It has a non-invasive flaw in the middle of the stone,  but it seems to be lapping out. This is a very hard stone that is also very fast and exceedingly fine.  

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