Ban & Atsu Nagura

Ban Astu

 Asano Stamped Atsu and Ban Nagura

Atsu and Ban Nagura are seen less frequently than Koma. These are coarse stones; traditionally, they would be used for sharpening heavier cutting tools. I’ve seen Ban used for edging a scythe, and Atsu with scissors. Not too surprisingly, I’ve had good success honing razors with these two stones.

This piece of Ban is hard, and more coarse than any Botan I’ve owned. The Atsu is an odd duck, the slurry is a bit pasty and it starts out fairly coarse but breaks quickly into a much finer mud. I’ve used it to enhance work done with Botan and I’ve worked the slurry right up to Koma.

Both can be used for sharpening knives too. The Ban does well with correcting minor geometry issues, and the Atsu slurry is excellent for a nice final polish. 

I picked these up because I was able to, I wouldn’t say that anyone should go running out to find these Nagura. The usual suspects; Botan, Tenjyou, Mejiro and Koma are more than enough for most honing tasks I think. These are just nice to have and use when the mood strikes. These are very rare stones now, perhaps more rare than Koma.

I think a Ban Toishi might be a pretty cool straight razor bevel setting stone.

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