Okudo Renge Suita

Okudo Renge Suita Tomo Nagura

Okudo Suita are the most highly coveted of all the various types of Suita. This piece here was cut to use as a Tomo Nagura on a fully size Tennen Toishi. It’s on the harder side, what I would call harder than normal but not super hard. 

While it’s assumed primary purpose would be to raise abrasive slurry on an Okudo Suita Toishi, it’s also quite excellent for doing the same on any Tennen Toishi if you’re working a multi-stage finishing progression. Slurry from the Suita would be coarser than you’d get from a typical Awasedo, so using this would be more of a pre-finish consideration. 

This Tomo is larger than most, affording a better hold while increasing your ability to gauge and apply pressure. The top is sealed with Cashew Lacquer to seal the original stamp. The working surface has been rounded to keep the Tomo from sticking to the Honzan. 

Approx. Weight: 5.8 oz / 165 g

KJTN - 12

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