Nakayama Kiita Tomo

 Nakayama Kiita Tomo Nagura

The legendary Nakayama Quarry was one of the two original ‘Honyama’ mines, and it is, arguably, the most well known. Whetstones from Nakayama are highly sought after, and authentic high-quality Tomo Nagura for those stones are in very short supply.

This listing offers a fairly large Tomo Nagura from that famous mine. The stone was identified as Kiita, or ‘yellow’ but there is a bit of a greenish hue to the stone. The stamps on top are intact, and bottom shows some skin. What I would do with this one – is seal the top with clear lacquer, and lap the bottom for use. But, I’ve left this stone as-is so the new owner can decide what they’d like to do.  

This is a choice example of Awasedo-quality stone; a perfect choice for making abrasive on a favored Jnat.   

Weight – approx.. 5.5 oz / 155 g


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