Nakayama Kita Tomo Nagura

Big Kita Tomo 1

 Nakayama Kita Tomo

This is a very nice Tomo, a bit softer than some Tomos, but its not very soft. It’s also nice and fine and the slurry it produces seems to continually break down for a very long time. 

The bottom had a non-toxic inclusion that I cut out; even though the line was innocuous - I was concerned that bits of stone were going to break off. Presently - there is a 1.8” groove where the line was, and I hope to lap that flat soon. It seems fine for use right now, but I like to smooth out the sides whenever possible. Small bits of stone can chip off and get into the slurry - this can cause a bit of a problem when finishing, so better to play it safe and smooth out all the sharp edges. 

This Tomo has an official Kyoto Whetstone Assn. stamp on it - which I have sealed with clear lacquer. 

Approx. Dimensions: 2.0 x 2.0 x 1.4” / 51 x 51 x 36 mm

Weight: 8.8 oz / 250 g

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