Uchigumori Hato

Uchiguimori Tomo 1

Uchigumori Hato Nagura

These cubes of Uchigumori can be a potent addition to any honing arsenal. They can be used as a slurry stone on any hone, as a Tomo nagura for an Uchiguimori Toishi, or chipped into finger stones.

Uchigumori is taken from a seam in the Tenjyou Suita strata. It can be harder or softer; Hato is softer and Jito is harder. These pieces were said to be Hato, but they are harder than some other Hato I have had. Like anything in this world, you have to test them to see what is working best for the task at hand.

I use one (the big piece in the photo) as a Tomo Nagura on a matching Uchigumori Toishi, and I’ve used it on harder stones also.

These nubbins of Uchi goodness are loaded with Renge and they give up a very cool looking pink/purple slurry that is smooth and wonderful to hone with.

In use – when honing razors – the slurry’s cutting action is a little slow, but there definitely is edge refinement. The feedback is creamy and smooth with just a hint of the ‘ball bearing’ effect. The haze on the bevel is deep and lustrous.

Weight range is 60-100 g, except for the large one in the rear which is 189 g. 

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