Allegro Mod. L Honing & Stropping Machine


 Designed for mechanically minded frugal shavers, these gizmos have always been of interest to me. This one was in good shape, but the leather part of the triangular hone/strop part was ruined. I replaced the original hide with a piece of Kangaroo leather. I also resurfaced the ‘hones’ which are simple blocks of abrasive compound that appear to be black ferric oxide and green chromium oxide. 

I have had some success with this contraption, but the results are not consistent, and I think most of that is due to my intermittent testing and the lack of consistently worn blades to test with.

Allegro offered many different models that has non-interchangable parts; each model was designed specifically for certain blades. This one works with the type we use today; back then they were referred to as “Gillette Style” blades. Other models are dedicated to Gem blades, wedge style Rolls and Wilkinson sets. 

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