Camillus USN Mk 2 Restoration

CAmillus USN Mk 2 1a

This is a military-style combat knife manufactured by Camillus in the 1980s. The steel seemed to be in serviceable condition, but the stacked leather handle was severely damaged. Also, the tang was rusted and bent off-axis. I decided to straighten the tang, and make a new handle out of G-10 and G-wood from Masecraft. 

After straightening the tang, I opted to go with a blind-tang style handle. The G20 center slab was cut to accommodate and extend past the end of the tang. It was then fitted to one piece of G-wood and then the tang was set into epoxy inside the cut out. After the slabs of G-wood and G-10 were rough-shaped to fit, they were fitted up with epoxy; this created a gap-less weatherproof seal that extends from the crossbar all the way though into the handle. 

Basic shaping was done by hand with files and sandpaper. Pre-finish sanding was done with a belt sander and an orbiting sander. Final sanding was done by hand. The ¼” brass pins are epoxied into place, then slightly peened and hand-sanded to finish.  

One very dool aspect of this project is that I was able to customize the handle’s profile to fit my hand perfectly. This leaves both sides looking ‘different’ due to the inevitable asymmetric geometry; but the comfort level has been enhanced 1000%. 

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