Tiger Barber Hone

Tiger Hone 1

Tiger Barber Hone 

Manufactured by the American Hone Co. in Olean NY, the Tiger is a two-sided barber hone that isn’t seen too frequently. The stone itself is in great shape. There are foil labels on the two long sides and they’re both a bit worn but still very readable. The box is original and very worn but some of the embossing is still faintly visible.

The darker side is coarse and fast, 5-6 passes will set up the edge to be finished on the lighter/finer side with the embossing. To guesstimate or approximate - the Tiger could be considered to be 5/10k stone.

After working with this hone for 5-6 months, I find it to be extremely effective but not quite in the same league as a Frictionite 00, which was also manufactured by the American Hone Co.

I’ve had dozens of great shaves from edges tuned up on this stone and if I didn’t have a 00, the Tiger would probably be my travel hone. To me, this Tiger is one short hop away from being as capable as the 00, yet still a very effective, and in capable hands it’ll deliver a great shaving edge.  

Approx. Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.0 x 0.46” / 140 x 51 x 12 mm

Weight: 6.5 oz / 185 g 

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