Wade & Butcher FBU


Wade and Butcher 'For Barber’s Use’ 

Here’s another venerable Wade & Butcher FBU Chopper. This one measures a hair short of 8/8; roughly 31/32”. I don’t get crazy with the measurements because they all have smiling edges. Suffice to say - it’s nearly 1” wide and quite hefty; the grind is probably 1/8 hollow or so. 

The scales are original to this razor, as is the wedge along with its pin and collars. The pivot pin and collars are new. The razor was pulled, sanded, and the active rust was neutralized. The blade closes fine, but not perfectly on-center. The pivot tension is comfortably snug. 

I love these W&Bs, they feel ‘right’ in my hand and they shave wonderfully.  I don’t know why exactly, but these old choppers really fuel my imagination; the Barber Shop scene in ‘My Name is Nobody’ comes to mind.  

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