Why Are we Here? 

I grew up in a house where the cutting and polishing of gem stones were a frequent topic of conversation. My grandfather was quite a well known Lapidary, and his exploits and efforts were quite remarkable.  Apparently - his interest in rocks and minerals filtered through my parents into me at an early age. 

Some time ago - I stumbled upon a website selling Arkansas Stones. Since then, my curiosity turned into a hobby with a story that has unfolded many times. 

Since I purchased my first set of Arkansas stones, I've become ever increasingly fascinated in natural whetstones of all types. It is an engaging hobby to say the least. Most recently, I find myself extremely interested in Japanese Natural Whetstones and the different types of Nagura that are often used along with them.  

More often than not, my sharpening endeavors are primarily, but not exclusively, relegated to another passion of mine; the owning, using and restoring vintage straight razors.  

This site serves as a gallery to showcase unique and interesting natural whetstones in my collection.  

Why TomoNagura dot Com?  

 I experiment with different Tomo Nagura on various Awasedo quite often. Doing so is a sub-hobby within the main body of interest. 

There have been many many explanations and definitions of the word 'Tomo' - the loose translation 'friend' is the one I've chosen for my own personal understanding of what a Tomo Nagura is.   

 Having said that - we all know that good friends are hard to find; and so the story continues…..

© Keith V Johnson 2014 - 2015