Tam O' Shanter

Tam O Shanter Razor
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Tam O’ Shanter 

This is a very nice size Tam O’ Shanter for honing razors – in fact, I believe it was cut for that intended purpose. Most are longer and narrow, where this one is shorter and wider. This is, of course, a guess – but it seems plausible.

This example of the venerable TOS is a gentle cutter and a bit on the slow side of things. My expectation was that this stone would be purely a mid-range stone, and while it is not what I consider to be a ‘true finisher’ for straight razors, I see it situated in the upper part of the mid-range of stones. While this stone looks coarse, it is quite smooth to hone on. Using slurry speeds things up, and on water the polish develops slowly and easily. The feedback is nice and friendly, this is a disarmingly calm stone to work with.   

When I first started honing razors, I came across some information about the Scotch hones and how they were ‘good’ for honing straight razors that were prone to micro-chipping. What I see with this particular stone is that it’s a gentle cutter; I believe this might be where that claim originated. Again – this is a guess but it does seem plausible. 

I am not in agreement or disagreement with the micro-chipping claim though ; when/if I ever run into a razor that is actually ‘prone’ to that issue, I’ll test it on one of these stones. 

Approx. Dimensions: 6.25 x 2.5 x 1.0 / 160 x 64 x 25 mm

Weight: 24.5 oz / 695 g

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