Kiita Iromono Koppa

Iromono Koppa 1

Nakayama Kiita Iromono Koppa 

This one’s a little soft, a bit softer than what I usually have here but still exceedingly capable of finishing a straight razor’s edge.

What attracted me to this one first, was – admittedly, the red racing stripe; you might say that I’m a sucker for an interesting pattern. 

When it arrived, I lapped it and honed on it – and my penchant for pretty stones was rewarded. This is a very fine and consistent slice of Nakayama Kiita, most likely from the Tomae strata but that’s last part’s a guess. My first honing trial was a touch up on an edge that wasn’t tugging but wasn’t quite ‘there’ either – the edge was restored quickly and the shave was very comfortable and close. Not close like I get with edges from super hard stones, but way more than close-enough while being super-comfy on the skin. 

Water-only laps on this koppa are a breeze and it seems like you can just hone forever on it. With some pressure – the stone speeds up but when I decreased the pressure methodically/incrementally, the cutting action seemed to slow down in a non-linear/typical way, which was nice as well as very interesting. 

The shape is good – and while it’s a bit thinner than most ‘razor Koppas’ it’s plenty wide enough – a good 10mm wider than my base-line width for normal honing efforts, yet still narrow enough for taking on a warped blade easily. 

The sides have been sealed in several coats of lacquer, the top was lapped flat and the edges were chamfered. 

Approximate Dimensions: 6.0 x 2.25 x 0.9” / 152 x 57 x 23 mm

Weight: 16.5 oz / 467 g

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Iromono Koppa 3.jpg

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