Karasu Namazu 

Shobbu Karasu 1

Karasu Namazu Honyama 

Karasu patterns, when they are this pronounced, are both beautiful and intoxicating. Originally, this Jnat had the Kyoto Whetstone association stamp in one corner, but it was very faint and lapping the stone removed it. I do have a photo of it though. 

This one is a little bit on the softer side, but it’s not what I would call a soft stone. The feeling, or feedback, from this stone is as intoxicating as its visual. It slurries fairly easily and that abrasive paste/mud breaks done to an extremely fine state.

This is a wonderful stone to hone or sharpen anything with. I put a killer edge on an old Chef’s knife and the first several razors off this stone shaved so smoothly that I felt like I was using a velvet squeegee on my face.

The stone is lapped, and the edges have been chamfered. The sides and bottom have been sealed with 4 coats of traditional Japanese Cashew Lacquer.   

Approx. Dimensions: 8.5 x 3.1 x 1.1” / 216 x 79 x 31 mm

Weight: 41 oz / 1160 g

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