Kiita Karasu

Nakayama Kiita Karasu 

Upon arrival, this stone’s top surface was semi-soft and only a bit of the Karasu was visible. Once it was lapped down about 4-5 mm, the Karasu pattern became more pronounced and the hardness increased. You can see on the side that this stone has Karasu all through it. This is a very hard and incredible finishing stone for straight razors. 

The cut is square on one side, but it slopes in on the other side. Even so – this is still stable on the bench, but that angled side puts it at the head of the class for hand-held honing; the slight angle allows you to support the stone easily without needing to woory about fingertips showing up above the top surface. 

This is a very fine stone; the slurry has good speed and it seems to last forever – producing highly-refined edges with this stone is fairly easy, but only when the ground work was done correctly. 

The top and bottom are Kiita, but the middle is Asagi. I considered lapping the top all the way in to the Asagi so the Karasu pattern would be in full swing, but there’s no need and that will happen eventually on its own anyway. There’s no need to waste good stone just to see more of the pretty pattern.

The top is lapped, and the bottom is semi-lapped. The sides and bottom have been sealed with Cashew Lacquer. The edges have been chamfered and it’s ready to work. 

Originally, this stone had one very low corner section; I cut it back to square off that end, and that corner piece is now the matching Tomo Nagura you see in the photo above. 

Approx. Dimension: 6.5 x 2.0 x 0.94 / 165 x 51 x 24 mm

Weight: 15.9 oz / 451 g

Skinny Kiita End 1.jpg

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