Nakayama Kita Koppa


Nakayama Kita  Koppa

A primo parallelogram-shaped Koppa from the famous Nakayama quarry.    

This is what I call a real old-skool type of stone; it’s fairly hard, very fast and very fine.  This lovely slab of Kita is a treat to hone on and a joy to look at. There’s a visible red blushing which could be called Iromono, and there’s also some patterning in the corners too. Some have alluded to those flecks being a Mokume or Momiji pattern, but I am not convinced of that.  

This stone works well with a full Mikawa Nagura progression, and it is a superb finisher on water or slurry.

I’ve never experienced a stone quite like this one – it’s personality is quite unique. Being very fast and hard at the same time is a rare combination indeed.  

The shape is excellent to work on, and the bottom is pretty flat so it’s very stable. The sides and bottom are sealed with clear lacquer.      

Approx. Dimensions: 6.0 x 3.75 x 1.13” / 153 x 95.2 x 31.2 mm

(measured in the middle of the stone) 

Weight: 38.1 oz / 1078 g

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