Oozuku Asagi Koppa

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 This Oozuku Koppa is a real sweetheart of a stone. It’s very hard but still has good give, feedback and the honing sensation is awesome. The bottom is pretty flat with only a hit of wobble on my bench.

As you can see, the stamp is still present on the working surface. That means the stone isn’t lapped. Normally, that would mean the stone isn’t ‘tested’. But, I was able to hone around the stamp and even though the top isn’t perfectly flat I was able to manage well enough.

What I found out was exactly what I had surmised when I was lapping the sides and chamfering the edges - this is a killer Koppa of epic proportion. Seriously so; without even trying I was able to get a light-saber edge on a ½ hollow blade that was in need of a tune up.

This is the kind of Oozuku that dreams are made of..   

Approximate Specifications

Mid-Stone Dimensions:  5.25 x 3.0 x 0.75”  

Weight: 528 g  

Bottom 1.jpg

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