Midnight Traveler

Travel Midnight 1b

 The Midnight Traveler is the latest version of my ‘on the go’ strop. The attachment loop at top is designed to fit around most towel bars or doorknobs. 

Long ago, I noticed that, when I’m on the road and staying in hotels, there was never a place for where my strop’s swivel clip could clip on. 

My first design was a horsehide strop with a top-strap with snaps that kept it closed. After many years of testing, I find that horsehide does not like to be rolled up, and that the snaps were not as secure as I’d like. 

Over the last year, I’ve been testing one that I made for myself, and working on refining the design. The 2.5” Midnight Steerhide handles being rolled up nicely, and I swapped out the snap closure for a very secure center-bar buckle. The keeper is made from two-sided hook/loop material. It breaks down easily, rolls up easily, and assembles for stropping easily too. The leather is super flexible and very resilient – you can splash water on it and it’ll just wipe off without leaving a trace. At this point, I believe that this is ‘the one’. 

Travel Midnight 1d.jpg

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